Coins Recycled fishing net

The story behind the Ocean Token

Did you know that by 2050 our seas and oceans will contain more plastic than fish? We encourage fishermen to collect their discarded fishing nets in ports.
The waste is collected there and recycled into a fully-fledged new 'greener' plastic.
Thanks to our Ocean Tokens, we reduce waste mountain, CO2 emissions and litter in seas and oceans and ensure that valuable raw materials are not lost.
There are several (volunteer) organizations that take the initiative to prevent pollution of seas and oceans.
To support their commitment, we will donate 10% of the turnover of our Ocean Tokens to Ecoduikers for 1 year. This group of Belgian divers obtains fishing nets from the North Sea.

Governments and governments worldwide are also working on solutions for this issue. For example, in December 2015 the COP21 Climate Change Agreements came into effect at the Climate Conference in Paris.195 countries agreed on a global treaty that should curb climate change. Thanks to our cooperation with the Danish company, we contribute to this.

BENEFITS: different sizes available, reduction of maritime pollution, protection of life in the sea, socially responsible choice, eye-catcher at your event, durable, sturdy and reusable, can already be purchased from 1000 pieces, standard designs available.

Coins recycled fishing net
As a pioneer of sustainable and environmentally friendly entrepreneurship, we thought it was high time to tackle a current problem, maritime
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