Coin tube special version

This group of coin tube special edition is a custom made article.

This version is made with us on special request. The minimum purchase of a special version is 25 pieces.
As we made the last assignment a coin tube for a client with the inner diameter of 34 mm. and a length of 20 cm with a special foot underneath.

Info about our cast plexiglass tubes:
Prices of perigiglas tubes have been increased by 12% in 2017 and by 6% in 2018.
This allows the prices to be adjusted with us. But we have not yet posted a price increase on our articles.

Explanation plexiglass:
Plexiglas Pipes, also called Acrylate, Perspex or PMMA Tubes, are a good alternative to glass tubes. Plexiglas Tubes are UV-resistant, light, 100% colorless and strong.
Extruded Plexiglas Pipes are extremely dimensionally stable, but less easy to machine than our Cast Plexiglas Pipes.

If you may need a different version than our own formats, you can inquire at: 

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Speciale uitvoering muntenbuis
Deze muntenbuis heeft een binnenmaat van 36mm en is 20cm hoog. Er kunnen minimaal 50 munten worden verzameld. Minimale afname: 25 stuks Mu
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Special version coin tube 38mm and diameter 42mm
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Op bestelling

Special Coin tube / peaks pipe of 1 meter.
Coin tube / peaks pipe of 1 meter. You can get this coin tube or peaks pipe for the 23.3mm or 29mm coins. The total coins content is for 4
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Coin tube 7 cm x Ø 4cm. for 25 coins of 2 euros.
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